A Week of International Collaboration in London

Invest in ME Research is again organising a week full of events aimed at developing research into ME.
The events enable young and early career researchers to network, encourage and facilitate international collaboration and sharing between researchers from around the world, allows networking and presentation of research for a community of researchers, clinicians, healthcare staff, patients and carers, and more European patient group/charity collaboration.

Encouraging Young Researchers

The Young/EarlyCareer Researchers conference is an initiative created by Invest in ME Research to encourage and support new and early career researchers to enter the field of ME.
The aim is to create a network of young and new researcher who can develop research and bring new ideas and energy into this research area.
Our aim is to establish a comunity of young research talent across Europe and beyond.

International Research Collaboration

The Invest in ME Research Biomedical Research into ME (BRMEC) Colloquiums are research meetings organised by the charity to encourage biomedical research into ME and international collaboration amongst researchers.
This has been one of the main objectives of the charity.
Our aim with the annual CPD-accredited research colloquiums has also been to introduce new researchers into the field of ME research, to gain new insights into the disease and enhance the strategy of research we are building.

Presenting the Latest Research into ME

The fourteenth annual public ME conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers, clinicans, healthcare professionals, patient group representatives, patients and crarers to network and share information on ME.
The IiMER annual conferences and research colloquiums arranged by the charity attract presenters, researchers, physicians, patient groups and journalists from around the world.

European ME Patient Group Collaboration

Fourteen European countries working together to campaign for people with ME and their carers.
Patient groups and charities from fourteen countries working together.
The 2019 Annual General Meeting is hosted by Invest in ME Research.

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