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Invest in ME Statement: NIH Invited to Participate in BRMEC6

NIH Invited to Participate in BRMEC6/IIMEC11

After our IIMEC2 International ME Conference in 2007 IiME began to develop the strategy of international collaboration in research into ME which has culminated in the annual International Biomedical Research into ME Colloquiums which the charity arranges and hosts prior to the public international ME conferences.

Having initiated projects relating to microbiome and B-cell research leading to a rituximab trial we have managed to build further collaborations between researchers across Europe and in US and now have regular attendance from the major research teams in Europe, North America and Australia.

The need is for better education, more funding for biomedical research and collaboration between researchers which is not diluted by false views of this disease and the associated flawed research theories which have dominated UK research over the past decades.

To this end we have seen the recent developments within the NIH regarding research into ME.

Over the past month and a half the charity has, therefore, been in contact with NIH Director Dr Francis Collins and Dr Avindra Nath.

We have invited both to the BRMEC6 Colloquium in June in London.

We have offered to make space for an NIH presence at the BRMEC6 Colloquium and we hope that this can lead to solid foundations of research being built which will benefit all people with ME and their families.

Both Dr Collins and Dr Nath have very kindly replied.

Although interested and willing to attend they both, however, have very busy schedules and workload not helped by the increasing urgency of the Zika virus workload which has added further to their responsibilities.

We completely understand this and acknowledge the difficulties for them to balance their workloads.

As we have indicated to Dr Collins and Dr Nath our offer remains open should circumstances change and we will do all we can to assist in facilitating good and sensible research which will build on our strategy of international collaboration in biomedical research into ME.

Invest in ME Research have objectives for the BRMEC6 Colloquium but we are willing and able to facilitate an important meeting with most of the world's top ME researchers in London in June and create combined, achievable objectives which can form the basis of future international collaboration in research into ME.

With most of the experienced researchers present from USA, Europe and Australia, and with additional expertise being brought in from outside the field of ME, then BRMEC6 offers a unique opportunity to move forward - together.

We will maintain our welcome for the NIH to be represented at BRMEC6 in London in order that real and urgent progress can be made for this disease.

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